4 Responses to The Year I had Two Heart Surgeries

  1. C for now says:

    The first was good and needed, I am glad it went well.

    The second was the one that began your path to peace and it is this one that I find most gratifying.

    I hope that y’all are settled and well. Apple season is around the corner. Let me know if you have interest in a few short trips to a few of the good orchards in the region.

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    • Would like some recommendations! We are surrounded by orchards, yet I cannot find my favorite variety, Cortland. Hope you are well, friend!


      • C for now says:

        Cortlands are mighty, mighty hard to find nowadays. They fell out of favor commercially years ago and were culled when sales dropped. Sad, that was a big name middle of the last century. Now, look at Tyro this weekend. SCSO & Dickie’s are two places that will have a good variety. Nice drive but just go slow on 56. There are a lot of orchards in that area. The apples show that this was a wet year but Dickie’s has decent Winsaps and both should have Black Twigs but I’m unsure what quality they will be. All pale beside homegrown but I’ll admit to being an apple snob so…… To be fair, no one eating mine have disagreed so far so…..

        Any questions/thoughts?



      • C for now says:

        WP simply wouldn’t let me enter more, sorry about that.

        Regardless, I hope you have a good weekend ma’am.


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