My Whole 30 Journey (Week 3)

October 15: Another very easy day as we have breakfast of grain-free “oatmeal,” then for lunch we nosh on a plate of the only sliced lunch meats I’ve found that are compliant (from Trader Joes: a Parma salami and Applegate herb turkey breast), grapes, apple, nuts. Dinner is Chicken Stew.

October 16: BFF leaves after our breakfast of leftover spinach frittata, avocado, fruit and try sweet potato “toast”; Lunch after yoga for me is small cup of chicken-veggie soup, turkey slices with homemade mayo and apple; Dinner: I later prepare an easy sheet pan dinner for visiting friend: 4 chicken thighs, pre-cut cubbed butternut squash; halved brussels sprouts (toss all in olive oil, add seasonings.  I love Zatar (a middle-eastern spice mix), in addition to S&P; I always sprinkle chicken with paprika as it nicely browns). Bake all together in roasting pan at 375 for 30-40 minutes or until veggies are done. My friend is raving over it.  This definitely is the simplest of meals that wows everyone.

October 18-21: In summary, I’m following the plan.  There were a few days where 3-4 stevia drops hit my coffee. Belly pain is back, albeit mildly, and I’ve had diarrhea.  I sort of link it to the delicious crunchy seed crackers I frequently nibble on when I need the salt and crunch… even though it’s only 2 tablespoons of psyllium husks for an entire batch (cookie sheet size), I suppose that’s enough for the laxative effect (physllium is what is given as a “natural laxative” but it also works as a great “binding” ingredient for the seed crackers).  A few highlights:

Trader Joe’s Roast Tenderloin of Beef is very good and handy.  At $10 it’s worth the convenience for 4 servings.  Trader Joe’s horseradish has no extra bad ingredients, and is the most potent I’ve ever had (talk about clearing sinuses).

Spaghetti squash with legal (and expensive ) Whole Foods Italian sausage, homemade sauce (labor intensive), is yummy.

To fill an urge for comfort food that are filling (and because SJ is commenting on needing a protein-packed meal), I look up recipes for paleo meatloaf and paleo mashed potatoes (which claim to be W30 compliant), and even whip up a W30 ketchup.  Meatloaf just isn’t the same without Lipton’s Onion Soup mix for me, but it’s ok.

The desire for sweet tastes never leaves.  I fill it with fruit—raw, and concoctions of legal ingredients that approximate a “dessert” even though W30 frowns on this.  Sliced baked cinnamon apples with the sweetness of chopped dates, raisins, and some walnuts.  Adding to this a dollop of refrigerated heavy coconut cream is delicious and almost like whipped cream or ice cream.   Freeze-dried fruit (pricey) is a very interesting texture—it actually crunches. I’m assuming the fruit is what is stalling out my weight loss… indeed, this week the scale is yo-yoing a bit too much, and the losing trend is over. For remaining so good, this is disappointing. To add insult to injury,  SJ is telling me the pounds are “melting off” for him.  And he’s eaten cereal.

This program is labor intensive.  You spend a lot of time with planning, shopping (reading labels), and you spend top dollar.  A measly 10 slices of sugar-free bacon is about $6.99.  Yes, enjoy that 70 cent a slice bacon. Sugar-free/preservative-free sliced meats also are in the $6-7 range for about 6 oz. Time is needed to concoct the recipes, because so little prepared food is compliant.

Do I feel better?  Kinda Sorta.  Nothing drastic like increased energy.  I think I am sleeping better.  Intestinally, the jury is still out.  I’m sort of grumpy about the limited beverage choices and although I drink the water, it is boring even when dressed up with lemon or other fruit.  I congratulate myself on 90+% compliance, resisting temptations.  The coffee shop today made an almond milk latte that was too delicious and I suspect it must’ve had some sugar. My Peruvian roasted chicken and plantains—well, a Diet Coke just was unavoidable (my first Diet Coke in 21 days).

I’m looking forward to finishing the program.  I hope that I see some more pounds gone by the time the next eleven days of deprivation are over. If not, it’s back to Medifast because I just can’t continue on with this excess weight.


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3 Responses to My Whole 30 Journey (Week 3)

  1. It sounds like torture! Good for you for sticking to it. I gave up sugar in January, it was a weaning process – and the craving eventually goes.

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    • Sugar or sweetness is super hard to let go of. I can’t see myself having black coffee forever, and I love an occasional square of dark chocolate. That’s great you’ve given it up, that’s an amazing track record.

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      • Thanks being free of the addiction is quite interesting because when I eat sugar now I notice it makes me dehydrated so tend to avoid it. Dark chocolate is good for you and doesn’t contain too much sugar


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