Alive and Writing

I have been a writing beast, so forgive radio silence.IMG_2887

I love my new book.  I hope others will too.  131 pages down, maybe a bit more than half done?

SJ, wonderful husband that he is, has been most understanding about my writing obsession.

Made it through my wonderful Girls’ Weekend without writing DTs, I confess I had to pick it up a few times when everyone else was napping, already in bed, or watching a hockey game (who are you and what have you done to my girlfriends?).

I got back to yoga 4 times this week; day trip out of town with SJ for house exploration; have set up some social times with old friends; did laundry and sheets.  Otherwise I can usually be found glued to my computer, writing, researching, editing.  Like, hmmmm, when was the last time I washed my hair?  Forget taking that extra time to straighten it smooth, it’s been a crazy curly mess for the better IMG_2886part of a week.  Each morning it’s like:  hair, or write.  Write wins.

Started again in earnest on the diet to RE-lose the 25 (30?) I regained after the big 75.  Five pounds down.  So many to go for my goal of late summer wedding.  Pulling out all of the low-cal standbys: This Weight Watchers Key Lime pie is da bomb (43 calories a slice).  Who says dieting can’t be delicious?  Now to not eat the whole pie at one sitting.

But I am good.  SJ and I manage to stick with our Sunday talks.  We dislike the Love and Respect book so thoroughly that we have decided to move on to another, which SJ likes better (Why Marriages Succeed or Fail… and How You Can Make Yours Last). Will let you know what we think. Meanwhile, he’s been extremely proactive on suggesting bedroom dates.  I am currently the one who needs to be better at dropping my obsession and focusing back on him. IMG_2888 Again, he’s been supremely understanding, but I do believe I’m pushing his tolerance envelope, which is saying a lot (Mr. Hermit can be quite happy in his books, documentaries, news, and his own schedule).

A BIG anniversary is looming, right before the BIG wedding, so plans for that are still in the works.  I have gently suggested an alternative to his first suggestion (after asking him to think of things). Bad me, I know.  I REALLY appreciated he tried. It’s just that the wonderful location he researched is in a VERY HOT and rustic location for summertime, with no beaches, a rustic woodsy venue, and a better choice for cooler seasons when hiking isn’t so sweaty and buggy.  Campfires and s’mores will be so much nicer in October.  I don’t do well with HOT, and as SJ quips, Happy Wife, Happy Life.  So, it’s back on me to come up with a plan for a quick and cheap getaway somewhere cooler and perhaps less rustic?  Gotta put that at the top of the to-do list.

Marriage is work, folks–even in semi-retirement.  So easy to let things slide.  It’s at it’s best when you are at peace (for us, kid-free–this doesn’t mean 100% worry free about the kids); you both have passions that excite you (for me right now it’s the writing; I also have a few clients);  a purpose to make dedicated time for each other priority; and a plan (reconnaissance to look at locations and model homes together, and dreaming about the “Forever Home.”  SJ is a genius to have suggested last week’s recon, it makes me happy we are operating as a team,  looking and planning together, so that in a year from now we know where we are going. I’ve been sooooo good not to obsess

or nag about what I LOVE, a tactic that tends to push him in the opposite direction.  I state once, maybe twice, “Gee, that really seemed right for us;”  he gives a little non-committal grunt, points out it’s more than we can really afford; a week or two later, he’s suggesting we might be able to make it work…).


This takes like an hour’s work…

OK, need to go wash hair and make it pretty.


The best of a non-frizz day


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