The Assorted Small Stuff

This morning my sweet man brought me my morning coffee while I was still stretching out my kinks in bed. img_0178

A simple thing, but oh so powerful.  This small gesture makes me feel so loved and pampered.

He’s the morning person, I’m the night person.  I’m cuddly and good to go at 10 pm.  He’s ready to hit the pillow if he already hasn’t.  Still, he often offers to treat me to a back scratch, another one of those little pleasures I enjoy. I’ve realized that this offer is a “ploy” to get me into the bed with him vs. spending my remaining awake hours reading in the other room.  Even though he’s merely falling asleep, he likes me there. And I like that he wants me there!

I’m guessing that he has his morning “urges” at about Image result for morning woody5 am, his normal rising time. I’m passed out and most likely snoring (cutely, as he’d kindly say), as he silently creeps from the room to leave me to a couple more hours of snoozing.  Even if I’m roused at 7 am (the time I deign as “semi-civilized”), I’m known to linger longer under the sheets, and even on my feet, take perhaps another hour or so to become sentient and fully human.  Never mind finding my libido.  It is nowhere to be found in the early a.m. hours.


There is nothing better than when he creeps back to the bed and places his cold feet on my warm sleepiness, caresses my hot skin with his hands, covers me with his weight, and takes his pleasure.  No, I won’t be hitting any stellar throes of ecstasy while the sun is still low on the horizon.  But his pleasure feels so good to me.

And in the not too distant future, I know I’ll be treated to a lovely afternoon delight.

But it’s so much more: when I cook his favorites; when he opens the door for me; when I scoop the cat box; when he cleans the toilet; when I close my mouth and refrain from a sarcastic comeback; when he listens to me babble over something silly; when he pats my rear in passing (’cause yeah, only HE gets to do that); when I plant a tender kiss near his ear as he reads.  Even in the mundane, we say we love each other in many little ways.  And the little things add up into a big, wonderful love that we get to share.

The small things.  The little gestures.  Are you recognizing them?  Are you delivering? Or are they passing you by?  There are times in a marriage when it may be all you’ve got.  And instead of thinking of “where’s that BIG thing?” you need to see the small stuff.

What are your “small things?”

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2 Responses to The Assorted Small Stuff

  1. C for now says:

    Bringing in something beautiful just because. As far as receiving, I’ve always appreciated simple but unnecessary acts. They show that the other is there.

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  2. sandra3364 says:

    Ah beautiful we do most of these, my lovely husband even covers my morning drink before he leaves to keep it hot 😍 I actually love the little things he does for me/us even more than expensive gifts or flowers or chocolates, makes me feel very special.

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