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Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

There has been precious little sharing of “wisdom” on this blog of late.  In some seasons there seems to be a real deficit of wise thoughts.  And this, I realize, is just life. We’ve had a roller coaster ride over … Continue reading

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The Submission-Leadership Conundrum

Chicken and the Egg. Or, give and take. In every relationship there is a give and take. Sometimes you give more and sometimes you take more, and it’s never good to keep score. It just is what it is. When … Continue reading

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Drowning in Hidden Blessings

Hello Faithful readers. I must start with an apology.  This blog has had precious little attention due to some major life changes.  We feel like we’re facing a large tome of new chapters, most good, some bittersweet or sad. Selling a 24-year … Continue reading

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Focused on Blessings

  Every single marriage will fall upon hard times, challenging times, tiresome times.  The tyranny of the tasks of life and the world around suddenly invades your happy little nest, and before you know it you’re thinking (saying?) hateful things … Continue reading

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